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   KALONECE POODLES ARE UNIQUE, combining pet & show lines for greater diversity to minimize health risks. We carefully put together old/new, red/black,  pet/show lines to augment health, color, conformation (build), coat, underjaw, reach and drive, etc, etc. We  have tweaked temperaments, then added a bit of Europe, and now can proudly display the KALONECE POODLES of today !!  We will continue to breed with this mindset, line breeding as little as possible and outcrossing after much thought and research as to what a line has produced. This page shows a brief summary of our heritage. We start with the one and only 'Amazing Gracie' from the Dyneau kennel in Mississippi, our precious foundation female. (nb  The first name in a registered name usually signifies the kennel where the particular dog was bred).  ENJOY !!

Dyneau's Amazing Gracie

CH. Averina Bodicea Crystalton

 ('Valentino' + Gracie produced Kleopatra)

 CH. Lidos Jazzin' It Up In Apricot 

('Jazz' + Gracie produced Pink)

CH. Kalonece Bodicea 'Kleopatra

('Kleo' + Jazz produced Kostas)

('Kleo' + Black Bear produced Sioux)