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 Kalonece Pink Versace  ('SASSY')



This is Kalonece Pink Versace who goes by the call name 'SASSY'.  She's not really too  sassy, but she IS 'CLASSY'....... a cute little version of her dam 'Pink' with coloring from her sire 'Bond', and beautiful movement from both.                                   

Sassy is 5-1/2 years old. 

She has just had her last litter and is spayed.  

We are looking for the right home for her to settle into before Christmas.

SASSY is a naturally born huntress, she runs the fence line, watches all animals outside the fence that I cannot even see, is looking every day for that mouse in my house.  We would love to get a home who would develop that

scent detection/hunting  skill with her. 

Sassy's movement is beautiful, she is a charmer in personality.  Her signature is her massive hug (when she takes a break from hunting). 

She likes to really push into her human with this hug/snuggle with her face.  She loves her ball also and will play with it alone, creating games.  Sassy is a non-demanding easy to keep fun loving little girl.


SASSY stands approx 22 inches at the shoulder and weighs 28-30ish pounds.  She is a very small standard.

AJ in the back

1/2 mini 

1/2 European moyen

Brazil in the front

1/2 Brazilian standard

1/2 European moyen

             yes it's the lunch table on the deck !!

Well he-e-e-e-re's...... AJ

Need I say he is a character !!!!

AJ is a little monkey bundle of energy, loves to pull pranks, loves the girls, loves to jump on Kathi .......sometimes we call him THE YO YO.

He has a 100% miniature pedigree.

AJ's  sire is in Europe showing in the rings there now and doing well  AJ was born in New York area into the Sosherr kennel.

AJ has lots of champion lineage from both the US and Europe, he is a little charmer who grew a few inches too tall to show as a mini.  We were fortunate to be able to secure him in 2020.

He does not have the common genetic mutation most mini's have - the IVVD/CDDY genetic aberrations (tested by Embark) !!!  

AJ is tested for breeding, we also have his son  Pretty Boy Picasso here. rankly aquiring AJ was a bit of a fluke, a surprise with very nice  results in his puppies.  AJ x Sassy pups=good conformation.

AJ's puppies all  have super black nose s,lip liner, pads, etc - called 'points'.  Their heads and faces are really pretty.  My clients tell me they are the smartest dogs they have ever met.

One of AJ's sons is still available right now. 



eyes certified (ophthalmologist), haematology profile, chemistry, electrolytes all normal

routine urine normal

EMBARK genetic profile/testing  

PRA, vWd, NE, DM clear

COI  11%

AJ by Christina_edited.jpg

This is Brazil,  he is a lover.    And yes he came to us from Brazil !! 

It was a long trip via Amsterdam but he arrived in Vancouver in a dry crate, tail up, loving on my son Gabe.  The first comment on him was, and is always, what a chill dog........... Then - WOW what a pretty dog. 

Brazil was bred by Priscilla Nascimento (Quindim Poodles) - his dam is a standard from her lineage and I have wanted that lineage for 10+ years.  His sire is a small moyen from Czechoslovakia that Priscilla acquired.  Brazil also has very dark points, and passes them on to his puppies.

Brazil will be bred to Koffee Bean next.  




eyes certified ophthalmologist

hip xrays per vet - results normal

CBC, electrolytes, chemistry all normal - 


color BBee

PRA eyes - clear results

vWd, NE DM  -  all clear results

Gangliosidosis - clear

Osterchondrodysplasia ((skeletal dwardism) - clear

CDDY/IVDD - clear

COI  6%

This is beautiful 'TIA',  a Canadian girl who just arrived November/23.  She is a pretty  30 pound girl, lovely conformation, great temperament who is obviously very friendly with Gabe after pick-up from Vancouver International and a ferry ride.

She is on her first day here today and we are HAPPY!!!

more tomorrow..........

(and what would I do without Gabe???

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