update:Kai has found his new adoptive home.He and the new family are all so happy to be together.
'Kairos' came to us from Florida (gloriasredpoodles.com) to compliment our girls - he has the longest legs we've ever seen!  He is 55 pounds of the happiest + most stable boy.   He has never met a stranger. 
Kairos has a delicious thick red coat which his puppies inherit.  He is red with very black points (eyeliner, nose, lipliner) dark eyes and is just generally beautiful. He will pull his lips back into a smile for that special dramatic effect when needed, and some of his puppies do the same !  Kairos is an easy keeper just for the extra blessing. 
Kairos has a presence for sure. His wild hair is no surprise, he's not really the kind to relax on the grooming table, he'd rather be outside tearing around or  playing with his ball.  Or maybe sitting on someone's knee !!
We feel so priveleged to have Kairos here.Thank you Gloria.


CBC (chemistry, lytes, hematology) all normal

hips xrays done  (vet)

eyes  - normal, certified (canine ophthalmologist) 

PRA clear genetically (DDC)

DM and  vWd - both clear (DDC)

adora at Maple Bay with J and Ch..jpg

nb:ADORA has been placed, and is enjoying travelling with her new family.


Adora is a very petite beautiful oh so smart 3 year old  girl who was bred at Kalonece. She came with a university degree called 'HOW TO OUTWIT KATHI 101'. She gets top marks there everyday !!  As a puppy I used to pick her up and say 'you are soooo Adorable', so that's her name !
Adora is 28 pounds of poodle - wiry, and  extremely athletic. She has a very active practical brain, needs a job, and is a dedicated mother.
Daughter of CH. Pink + Bond.


CBC (hematology, lytes, chemistry) all normal Nov.2020

URINE - routine and C&S normal Nov 2020

HIPS - 'good' (OFA)

THYROID (7 markers) all normal  True North Lab 2019

EYES certified canine opthalmologist   

PRA clear (genetic) DDC

DM and vWd clear DDC

.....and here they are, the next generation !!

AJ in the back

1/2 mini 

1/2 European moyen

Brazil in the front

1/2 Brazilian standard

1/2 European moyen

             yes it's the lunch table on the deck !!

Well here's...... AJ

Need I say he is a character !!!!

AJ is a little monkey bundle of energy, loves to pull pranks, loves the girls, loves to jump on Kathi .......sometimes we call him THE YO YO.

AJ's  sire is in Europe showing in the rings there now and doing well  AJ was born in New York area in the Sosherr kennel.

AJ has lots of champion lineage from both the US and Europe, he is a little charmer who grew a few inches too tall to show as a mini.  We were fortunate to be able to secure him last year.  He is tested for breeding, in fact the moyen litter on the AVAILABLE page is his.  Their temperaments are wonderful, as are their thick lush coats and super black pigment (nose, lips, eyes).


eyes certified (ophthalmologist), haematology profile, chemistry, electrolytes all normal

routine urine normal

EMBARK genetic profile/testing  

PRA, vWd, NE, DM clear

COI  11%

spring/2021 - ust off the plane in Vancouver...........

This is Brazil, yes he came to us from Brazil !!  It was a long trip via Amsterdam but he arrived in Vancouver in a dry crate, tail up, loving on my son Gabe.  The first comment on him was, and is always, what a chill dog........... Then - WOW what a pretty dog. 

Brazil was bred by Priscilla Nascimento (Quindim Poodles) - his dam is a standard from her lineage and I have wanted that lineage for 10+ years.  His sire is a small moyen from Czechoslovakia that Priscilla acquired.  Brazil also has very dark points, and according to Embark, has the red intensity gene.  



eyes certified, hip xrays per vet

CBC, electrolytes, chemistry all normal

EMBARK genetic swab testing, no mutations shown and all clear results (PRA EYES, vWd, NE,, DM etc etc)

COI  6%