KOSTAS' health testing.....CHIC # 109431

eyes, hips, thyroid - all normal OFA

DM, vWd - both negative

BLOOD WORK - chemistry, CBC, electrolytes 

........normal at 2 years of age, and 8 years of age.

ULTRASOUND - kidneys, bladder, prostate

.........normal at 3 years of age

Canadian  Champion


'Kostas'  is simply the most beautiful well proportioned  dog I have ever laid eyes on.  He is just as beautiful without hair as he is with hair.  I love his face.   My taste in a poodle is 'fancy', and Kostas is that and more. He was bred here,  son of CH. Kleopatra and CH.Jazz.   Kostas  is almost 10  years old now, and still has the thickest poodle coat I have ever touched.  He is a gorgeous bright cream color.  He is still producing puppies.

Kostas has an unmistakeable presence.  He was in the show ring maybe 3 weekends, and managed to catch the Brazilian judge's eye who gave him a GROUP ONE win.



       approaching 10 years of age

This absolutley beautiful, well muscled and sound  moving boy lives close, he is brought up by good friends who have groomed, exercised, and fed him so well - all his health testing passed with honors, he is a joy and somewhat of a character.  His sire is CH.Jazz, his dam the famous Amazing Gracie.

As you can see Fergus doesn't put a foot in the wrong place, his carriage is also correct and movement pretty.  I love the stack he goes into at the end of the clip. 

Fergus is a faded red, he has Mossberg's Crimson Pax Maker close in the pedigree, so we will build on that.

Thanks Jim and Charlene for keeping him so carefully intact for me, and especially for all the pictures/videos.   We have exciting plans for him this spring.  



'Kairos' came to us from Florida (gloriasredpoodles.com) to compliment our girls - he has the longest legs we've ever seen!  He is 58 pounds of the happiest + most stable boy.   He has never met a stranger. 

Kairos has a delicious thick red coat which his puppies inherit.  He is red with very black points (eyeliner, nose, lipliner) dark eyes and is just generally beautiful. He will pull his lips back into a smile for that special dramatic effect when needed, and some of his puppies do the same !  Kairos is an easy keeper just for the extra blessing. 

Kairos has a presence for sure. His wild hair is no surprise, he's not really the kind to relax on the grooming table, he'd rather be outside tearing around or  playing with his ball.  Or maybe sitting on someone's knee !!

We feel so priveleged to have Kairos here.Thank you Gloria.


Adora is a very petite beautiful oh so smart 3 year old  girl who was bred at Kalonece. She came with a university degree called 'HOW TO OUTWIT KATHI 101'. She gets top marks there everyday !!  As a puppy I used to pick her up and say 'you are soooo Adorable', so that's her name !

Adora is 28 pounds of poodle - wiry, and  extremely athletic. She has a very active practical brain, needs a job, and is a dedicated mother.

Daughter of CH. Pink + Bond.

Kalonece Bond's Bibi Dahl

This little treasure whom we call 'Bibi' (named after a 'Bond girl') is the cutest softest little ball of fluff.  She looks like her sire Bond and that's why we honored him by including him in her registered name.  Her puppies are equally sweet, in fact SWEET is the word that would most completely describe Bibi.  She was darker red as a pup, and has retained that full coat.  She has very dark eyes, and her trademark is the 'tail up' carriage.  Her face and eyes are really pretty and captivating.  Bibi is a quiet and totally competent poodle, great as a mother to her pups.