STUNNING 3 year old FEMALE is retiring from our breeding program.   'KISSY is the blackest ever poodle  As much as she loves to spend hours outside rain or shine, she also loves to cuddle up with her people on the couch or bed and watch TV. 

Kissy has a soft personality, beautiful carriage, is a keeper for being easy to live with.  She is a good eater, is quiet around the house, has those deep black pooling eyes full of expression. 

We prefer a home in the Vancouver area who can follow up with/or treat

(IF NECESSARY) down the road,  a non life threatening health issue. 

We will carefully screen potential buyers for committment to Kissy and for the right lifestyle for Kissy to thrive in.Discussion will follow the written application which needs references.  All the usual apply - vaccines are completed, back yard fence is needed, holistic home preferred.

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We look for .......... 'health conscious'  homes (which means to us  -  no chemicals, etc given internally or applied topically, including flea/tick control agents)

..........a secure back yard and people at home with them. The backyard fence needs to be 5 to 6 feet tall as this line of poodles are jumpers. 

......….Minimal vaccine protocols are suggested.

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