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We are now focusing on small standard + moyen sized APRICOT pups.
         We leave tails and dewclaws intact in their natural state. 


UPDATE: PUPPIES PUPPIES +                       PUPPIES  !!!
KALONECE KOFFEE BEAN's litter sired by BRAZILIAN BOY QUINDIM is due end of June.  I'm taking reservation deposits now for pick up
August 10 - 15/2024.
We expect
 moyen to standard sizes.  Brazil is 30 pounds, Koffee 41 pounds.

see 'SIRES AND DAMS' page for pictures and details on both Koffee and Brazil.

SHORT video of Koffee bottom of the 'ABOUT' page


3 puppies CAV X BRAZIL.jpg

We look for

.........low key 'forever homes' where  someone is home with the dog

.......... 'health conscious' owners who will follow our methods mentioned above

.........a secure back yard with a 5-6 foot fence    (yes my poodles jump 5 feet!)

...........owners willing to continue providing the  security of  crating the pup when busy and overnight till pup is reliable enough to be safe.

Owners will to work with Kathi till puppy is settled for a few months before hiring an outside trainer.  Poodles are sensitive and we are looking for owners who will respect that time frame and let puppy be a puppy till the stress of rehoming is over.  It takes 1-2 months for this to happen.  Let's let puppies be puppies, concentrate on recall and potty training only for a while as every new to the puppy in the environment settles.  It takes time and patience.  Just like human babies, they have their toddlerhood before they go to school.  Puppies need to observe their new owners and learn their lifestyle before being subjected to a trainer with different expectations.  That's like grade 6 going into grade 7.  It's a whole new ball game with different rules.  Too many new rules and training methods introduced too early bring stress on the sensitive immune system of a poodle.  The poodle will tell you when he/she is ready for more.

- - - and while we're talking about the immune system - - - we consider ourselves to be HOLISTIC as breeders and pet owners.  We follow many of DOG'S NATURALLY magazine's suggestions if things can be resolved with natural means as opposed to medications.  We feed the best kibble we can find to avoid dietary irritants such as  peas, beans, corn , soy, lentils.   We look for alternatives that do not have the potential to stress the liver/kidneys. of  terrible side effects from medications prescribed to reduce inflammation.  We will discuss some of these things as puppy goes home with you   We also minimally vaccinate to avoid 'vaccinosis' from , of course,  multi vaccinations. To be clear, we don't avoid vaccinating, we avoid over vaccination.  Blood titers can determine immunity status.
More on these things later.  

website sept23.jpg



FROMM SALMON A LA VEG.....(kibble)

FROMM DUCK A LA VEG (alternating both)

made from wild salmon  caught off the western coast of Washington  !

we add table food once a day and kibble is left out to free feed one the rest of the day.  Water is outside to help with toilet training the puppies. We bring it in at night.


ps if another breeder has sent you to read this consider getting a KALONECE puppy !!!!!! who has been so well fed since DAY ONE  !

A Deposit  reserves a puppy . 
It does away with the last minute scramble.
Deposits are non-refundable unless there is no puppy to match what  you have specified  on
your adoption form.
We are starting a list for the next litter .
We will take deposit when puppies are on the ground.
Keep posted for updates.



Pups are born red/apricot, usually settle as apricot or light red as adults.

Eyes of both sire and dam are certified, meaning they have been examined by a canine ophthalmologist,  the are also  PRA negative by genetic swab,   both have been 'Embarked' (genetic tested),  hips of both sire and dam have been xrayed and cleared for breeding, sires have had blood work done prebreeding.  Testing results will be forwarded to new owners, as well as a puppy pedigree, and a few pictures.  Registration papers come online now also. 9 week old pups go home in a new starter harness/leash with lots of instruction for early days and with help available a phone call away.



PUPPIES going home are already litter trained to pine pellets from Buckerfields.  You can contninue that for a while,   OR,   take them outside every 2 hours during the day.

Crate overnight with no outings. 

Give water outside only near the potty area till they are well trained.

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