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We are not docking tails any more  - BC veterinarians are refusing to do this cosmetic tail amputation.  Dewclaws are left intact as well.

 Pls submit the form below if you are interested in one of our puppies.



  FEMALE red pups   available very soon

 - - 3 months old - -

      various prices

They are red now, will probably settle as apricots or light reds as adults.

Below and to the right  is  the DAM:  'Kalonece Champagne 'N Caviar' (3 years old) 

Caviar is approx 23/4 inches tall and 35 pounds.

Below is  the beautiful moyen sire Brazillian Boy Quindim (import) from  Quindim Poodles in Brazil who is an even tempered very pretty poodle, with a very outcrossed pedigree (his dam born in Brazil and his sire in Europe).   Brazil is 20 inches at the withers and  about 30 pounds.


Eyes of both sire and dam are certified, and are PRA negative by genetic swab,   both have been 'Emarked' (genetic tested),  hips of both sire and dam have been xrayed and cleared for breeding, Brazil has had blood work done prebreeding.  Testing results will be forwarded to new owners.

brazil website.jpg



Thanks for submitting!


We look for

.........low key 'forever homes' where  someone is home with the dog

.......... 'health conscious' owners who will follow our methods above

.........a secure back yard with a 5-6 foot fence    (yes my poodles jump 5 feet!)

...........owners willing to continue providing the  security of  crating the pup when busy and overnight till pup is reliable enough to be safe.


We require an ADOPTION FORM so we              know enough about you to                          decide   which pup/dog will be
          a good fit
A $500 non-refundable deposit will                  hold a puppy till pick-up day.......
          no deposit = no puppy on hold
References/referrals needed


I consider myself holistic as a breeder. I give what I consider is  the minimal amount of vaccinations/chemicals etc. for puppy safety. If vaccines work then we do not need to repeat at every vet visit.   There are blood titers available as the science to determine status of immunity,  I will give a guarantee of health for common standard poodle genetic diseases (plus parents  are well health tested), but only if new owners agree to titer.  This pedigree is 3/4 standard.

Parvo and distemper are highly contagious and BOTH kill puppies,  however adult dogs can fight off parvo.  So I do a 2 way (parvo x distemper)  at 8 weeks of age before they leave here  a week later.  That  can be repeared once more as a puppy.  Adults should then be titer tested to see if revaccination is necessary. 

My 13 year old here , CH. Pink,  has had the one parvo/distemper vaccine at 8 or 9 weeks of age and that's it.  My puppy count must be around 150 now. The few puppies  in my line that died early were given bravecto, early rabies, and/or  had an early neuter, I think those things messed with their immune systems.

Maybe the more correct term to describe myself would be minimalistic. Take the best of science and common sense, and

feed carefully.



Rabies is not mandatory in Canada anymore, we are considered 'rabies 'controlled' by the US. This was changed a couple of years ago. 

That means you can cross the border without having to get a

rabies vaccine for your pup/dog.   My clients do not do flea/tick meds at all, I recommend a neckerchief with specific essential oils) and deworming is with panacur which is safe for pregnant dams and puppies.

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