EST 20-25 pounds (as adult)

looks like his sire AJ

is a character

sensitive and dramatic

will quickly bond to owner

verbal ++

very focused on people 

will never leave owner's side

less focused on siblings

cuddles +++

loves children



EST. 22-30 pounds (as adult)

follows the leader

holds his own

very pretty

quiet puppy

goes with the flow

PUPPY #3   (RE homed)


the biggest est. 25-35 pounds

the 'nice' office manager


handle's anything with ease

initiates games


We require an ADOPTION FORM so we              know enough about you to                          decide   which pup/dog will be
          a good fit
A $500 non-refundable deposit will                  hold a puppy till pick-up day.......
          no deposit = no puppy on hold
References/referrals needed



 MALE MOYEN PUPPIES available  NOW !!!   

Dam is Versace - 28 pounds

Sire is AJ - approx 25 pounds. 

Est. weight of puppies will be 20 - 35 pounds, some may look like oversized minis, some like small standards. Apricot to toffee colored with very thick coats. Very black eyes, noses, lip liner, etc.

  We have never done this cross before so it's an adventure !!  At any rate so far they are absolutely adorable. 

Please email or phone if you are interested.


e3lovely temperamented (European sized) MOYEN puppies available now, almost 4 months old.                          

5 month old.jpg





















































  many thanks to Sean McCaulley(pictured) + Gabe Karkanis(photo) for ongoing promotion chch

minimal title

We look for

.........low key 'forever homes' where the

pup/dog will have a relational life as part of

a family, where he/she is not left alone for

long hours

.........homes where the current diet will be


.......... 'health conscious'  OWNERS (which implies

new owners understand chemical toxicity

from flea/tick medications), where minimal

vaccination/titering is tne norm

.........a secure back yard with a 6 foot fence

(my poodles jump)

...........owners willing to continue providing the

security of  crating the pup when busy

and overnight 

..2 guardian homes needed for prospective dams


minimal title