We look for

.......... 'health conscious'  homes (which means to us  -  no chemicals, etc given internally or applied topically, including flea/tick control agents).  The environment can be easily managed.

.........a secure back yard with a 6 foot fence (my poodles jump)

.........someone at home with the poodle.  

.....….minimal vaccine protocols are suggested.

.........owners willing to continue crating the pup or older dog x 1 year

IF - you looking for CREAM/ WHITE puppies,

or a 2 year old BLACK..........please scroll down.........

possible red/apricots due in May.a

BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY JET BLACK 2 YEAR OLD                    FEMALE available immediately.

VIDEO BELOW....(the black dog.....)

This beauty's name is Geneva and we would like her name to be kept as is.  Her 2 year birthday is in the first week of March, she weighs 35ish pounds.

.......note her beautiful stance, how she stops and 'stacks' (poses) and note also the  pretty length of her neck.......

 - - from show lines so Geneva is stunning.   She is the  great granddaughter of our CH. KLEOPATRA,  sire is our CH. KOSTAS. Great grandsire received a medal (2nd) in the open at the Poodle Club of America, an international show in Maryland, her sire won a group one with limited showing in Canada.  Her tail is undocked, curly,  dewclaws are intact. Her black hair is very lush,  she is well built so moves beautifully.  


Geneva was spay/tacked last summer in preparation for placement, it is a long recovery from surgery to full exercise after that surgery, and she is now ready for placement.  There was a bit of a delay, then covid happened, which further delayed things......now we are completely ready to rehome Geneva. 

We are looking for that adult person/couple/family who is moderately active themselves:  Geneva is simply too strong, athletic and active for young children.  When she walks her whole body wiggles as her tail is always going.  She is happy-happy, loves to know everything about her environment. She will need some structure in her new home, possibly experienced dog owners would be best.   Geneva also loves to play pranks on Kathi.  Her temperament is extroverted, and she thrives on being in the middle of things.

If you are interested call Kathi (250)882-0357 or email........  kalonece@live.ca

Prospective new owner must meet Geneva first and love her energy.  

Cost is  $1500 for the dog plus cost of the surgery.   She in available immediately. 



minimal title

Small Title

These 2 outcrossed stunning beauties have been bred, potential white/cream puppies would arrive end of March. 

Sire is our own Canadian Champion  KALONECE CONSTANT CELEBRATION ("Kostas"), bred here at Kalonece.  He has stood the health test of time, he is over 9 years of age, 50 pounds weight. 

Dam is  CONTINENTAL MALI BRIGHT LIGHT ('MALI'), also a Canadian Champion bred and owned by Cheyenne at Continental Poodles. She is 5 years old, 55 pounds weight. 

To be put on a wait list, and for further information about Mali contact Cheyenne by phone (after 6 pm only) (250)746-7702  or by email: cheyenne.d@hotmail.com

Details about 'Kostas' are on the sires and dams page on this site.