COI   (co-efficient of inbreeding)

                       1 .76 %

This is a very low COI, due to our breeding philosophy, which means there are  very few common dog s (and their genes) on both sides of the pedigree.  We did not know they would turn out to be such stunning pups though.

Pups are 4 months old. 

Pups  will be registered on CKC non-breeding contracts.  They are ready for their new forever homes.

We are looking for 'health conscious' homes with a secure back yard and people at home with them. The backyard fence needs to be 5 to 6 feet tall as this line of poodles are jumpers.

minimal title

A FEW PUPPIES AVAILABLE. We match by personality, size, and traits of the puppy fitting into your home.  They have stunning faces and lush coats, very black points.

4 months old.

Please google Dr. Jean Dodds DVM minimal vaccine protocol before applying.  

A few pups (4 months old) are not spoken for yet.  Call/email Kathi if you are interested to provide a forever home. 

Small Title

ONE year old female available to the right  owner who can train an active pup.  Very smart pup, from show lines, well built and she is very black.  Daughter of CH. Kostas

(picture to come)